Business Tax Preparation Software

Expand your business with our professional tax preparation software.

Web Version

FREE w/ 30+ Bank Products
$0 Service Bureau Fee

All 1040 Forms & Schedules
All States Included
Free Unlimited e-Filing
Apple/Mac Compatible
Includes 3 Preparers

*Internet Connection Required*

Basic Install

FREE w/ 30+ Bank Products
$0 Service Bureau Fee

All 1040 Forms & Schedules
All States Included
Free 1040 e-Filing
Unlimited Networked Computers
Pay-Per Business Return

*Internet Only Required When E-Filing*

Pro Install

FREE w/ 70+ Bank Products
$0 Service Bureau Fee

All 1040 Forms & Schedules
All Corporate Forms Included
All States Included
Unlimited Networked Computers
Free e-Filing for All Forms

*Internet Only Required When E-Filing*

Every feature you need as a professional tax office

We want our people to thrive at tax preparation! We believe you do your best work when you feel your best. Here are just a few benefits we're proud to provide to our customers.

Bank Products

Bank products allow you to deduct your tax preparation fees from your customer's tax refund. You can also print checks, offer prepaid cards, and offer tax refund loans to your clients.

Online Check Printing

With a Bank Product you can print your customers check on-site.
This allows you to provide a faster way for your customer to receive their refund instead of waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

Client Portal

Both you and your customers can upload documents, schedule appointments, send and receive text messages, electronically sign their tax return, and much more.

Automatic Calculations

Our tax software will automatically update calculations every time you change something on the tax return in real-time. Quick-click error checking through our enhanced diagnostic system is also available.

State Forms Included

No matter what package you decide to go with, you will always get all state forms included for no additional cost.

Bilingual Tax Forms

Diversify your staff with over 60 forms and schedules in Spanish; on-screen and in print.

Interview Mode

Interview mode helps start a tax return by asking you questions such as: Does the TaxPayer have kids, yes or no? Do they have a W2? Do they have a 1099 MiSC? Are they a veteran?

Superior Support

Ever wish you could talk to someone who actually knew what they were talking about? Our technical support staff is around all year long. We don't have 'seasonal' employees.

Turn Your Tax Business Fully Paperless!

We have one of the best systems for you to save a lot of money with our paperless office solution.

  • Easy access to clients' documents via web portal
  • Reduce expenses on paper, toner and time wasted on making copies
  • Documents are signed digitally and saved securely
  • You can text message your clients directly and receive text messages back in real-time
  • Send and receive tax documents directly with your clients
  • Appointment scheduling system is integrated into the system
  • Create and Customize signature requests on any PDF, not just tax returns!

Want to switch from a different software? No problem!
All of our customers receive free data conversions

Don't see your software listed? Give us a call at 1-800-516-9442! The software you are using may go by a different name, and in some cases we can still convert your returns even if the software isn't listed!