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What is a Bank Product?

A Bank Product allows you to deduct your tax preparation fees from your client's tax refund.

When you have a client that can't afford to pay you on the spot for your tax preparation fees, you can simply mark the tax return as a Bank Product to have your fees automatically deducted from their tax refund. On top of being able to use a bank product to receive your tax preparation fees, there are many other reasons why you may want to mark a tax return as a bank product, such as:
Offering your client up to $6000 Cash Advances - Our banking partners will allow you to offer your clients up to $6000 of their tax refund within 24 hours, or sometimes even the same day! With the new PATH Law (Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes), if your customer has a Schedule EIC (Earned Income Credit) tax form, or applying for Child Tax Credit, the IRS may not fund their tax return until after February 16th! Because of this huge delay in receiving their tax refund, the Cash Advance is a great option for your client to receive a huge portion of their tax refund now instead of later.
Print your clients check - You can ease your customers mind and print their tax refund via check directly in your tax office. Many taxpayers fear their tax refund check being lost in the mail. This option completely eliminates this fear knowing they can come pick their check up from your tax office.
Offer their refund on a prepaid card - If your customer doesn't want a printed check, then you have this as on option as well! Many of our banking partners will allow you to give your customer a prepaid card that will have their tax refund loaded on it when its been funded. Another great way to help make your client feel more at ease and less afraid of their tax tax refund check getting lost.

With a Bank Product you can earn additional revenue!

A Bank Product can lead to great additional income simply just for offering the service.

Some tax offices don't charge additional fees for Bank Products, while there are a lot that do. You can easily apply a small additional fee on all of your bank products from anywhere between $0 and $40. This means that if you do 100 bank products, you would produce an extra $4,000 of extra income simply by offering and providing bank products. Even if you don't want to charge an additional fee, the more bank products you do the higher chances you have of receiving free tax preparation software from us each year.
Free Tax Preparation Software - If you do more than 30 bank products, we offer free tax preparation software options for your tax office. If you have 3 offices and do 60 bank products, this means each of your 3 offices would receive our basic web or install tax software 100% free.
Cash Back Incentives - For our larger bank product offices we provide cash back incentives for you doing more bank products. The reason we are able to offer this is because company pushes thousands of bank products to the bank(s) every year. We have a huge pull with banks to get better deals. The more bank products we bring the bank(s) collectively, we more pull we have to get our customers a higher kick back from the bank.

Even if you're new to the industry 99.9% of all tax preparers, can offer bank products!

As long as you have no banking fraud, or federal felonies you can offer bank products.

One very common question we are always asked is: What are the requirements to offer bank products? Do I have to pass a credit check? Absolutely not! The bank doesn't need to check your credit or anything special for you to offer bank products to your clients. They simply do a quick check to see if you have ever done anything illegal regarding money, banking fraud or any serious federal crime.