Basic Web Version

Free with 30+ Bank Products
$0 Cost E-File Fee
Includes 3 Preparers
Additional $35 Per Additional Preparer

Pro Web Version

Free with 70+ Bank Products
Same Features As Basic Version
Includes 10 Preparers
Additional $35 Per Additional Preparer


Sure-Fire Web Tax Software is our highly recommended option for tax professionals who are focused on 1040 based returns. The ease of access, built-in interview mode, and ability to access it from anywhere are just some of the great features that the Web Version has to offer.

  • Free E-Filing
  • All Federal and State Forms Included
  • All Schedules Including Depreciations
  • Paperless Office with Client Portal
  • Single and Multi-State Returns
  • Industry Leading Tax Research Available
  • Real-time Refund Monitor
  • Ability to E-File Current 3 Tax Years
  • Tax Years 2010 to Current Tax year Included
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Have remote preparers with Internet?
Want 100% daily backups of your tax data?
Want to access your data from any device?
Then, the Web Version is your best option!

The Web Version is perfect for small businesses and remote preparers with internet access. You'll have 100% data protection, and be able to access tax returns from any where in the world. If you only need to have the option of being able to paper file corporate tax returns, then you can't go wrong with this version of our tax software.

Best Features of Web Version

Our Web Version and our Install Version have a lot in common, however these are the features that only the Web version has to offer.

  • You don't have to worry about software updates every again!
  • Even if your computer blows up your data is 100% safe. You have to do manual backups with the Install Version.
  • You can access your tax returns anywhere, anytime as long as you have internet connection and a web browser.
    Access tax returns even on your smart phone or tablet device!
  • You will have the ability to print business returns for a small fee.

Where the Install Version Shines

While the above features are definitely amazing, there are some features the Web Version doesn't have that the Install Version does.

  • You can only E-File Corporate returns with the Install Version. With the Web Version, Corporate returns will need to be paper filed.
  • You can fully customize multiple printing options for different scenarios with the install version, whereas on the online version you can only setup one.
  • "What if?" mode is only availabe in the Installation version. This mode allows you to do a test scenario on a tax return without actually saving the changes.

System Requirements

2.8 GHz (Anything within the last 7 years)
Operating Systems:
Windows 7 and higher fully updated
Hard Drive Space:
1 GB
2 GB
Check Printing:
Any TWAIN compliant printer (pretty much all new printers)

Print Corporate Forms Available

This is available for small additional fee
  • 1041 Fiduciary
  • 1065 Partnership
  • 1120 C Corporation
  • 1120 S Corporation
  • 5500 Employee Benefit
  • 706 Estate Tax
  • 709 Gift Tax
  • 990 Exempt Organization
Misc Forms - 1023, 1120F, 1120H, 1128, 2290, 2553, 3115, 433A, 3911, 656, 8282, 8857, SS4, W9 and more

Turn Your Tax Business Fully Paperless!

We have one of the best systems for you to save a lot of money with our paperless office solution.

  • Easy access to clients' documents via web portal
  • Reduce expenses on paper, toner and time wasted on making copies
  • Documents are signed digitally and saved securely
  • You can text message your clients directly and receive text messages back in real-time
  • Send and receive tax documents directly with your clients
  • Appointment scheduling system is integrated into the system
  • Create and Customize signature requests on any PDF, not just tax returns!

Want to switch from a different software? No problem!
All of our customers receive free data conversions

Don't see your software listed? Give us a call at 1-800-516-9442! The software you are using may go by a different name, and in some cases we can still convert your returns even if the software isn't listed!