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Basic Web

All of the options you need in order to run a successful tax business

  • All 1040 Forms & Schedules
  • All State Tax Forms Included
  • Free Unlimited E-Filing
  • Apple/Mac Compatible
  • Optional Business Paper Filing Addon
  • Includes 3 Preparers
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Pro Web

Have more than 3 Preparers? Consider upgrading to 10 Preparers

  • All 1040 Forms & Schedules
  • All State Tax Forms Included
  • Free Unlimited E-Filing
  • Apple/Mac Compatible
  • Optional Business Paper Filing Addon
  • Includes 10 Preparers
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Tax Business All-in-One

Tax Software, Business Website with Client Portal Integration all-in-one!

  • Software Included
  • Free Business Website Included
  • Instant Client Portal Setup
  • Company Logo Options
  • Name Included
  • Email Setup
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Software Comparison Web Version Basic Install Pro Install
1040 Free E-Filing
Current 3 tax years included, all 1040 forms and schedules
State Tax Forms
All state 1040 forms and schedules
Corporate & Specialty
1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, 706, 709, 990, 5500
Paper Option $35 Each
State Corporate Forms
All corporate state forms and schedules
Paper Option Included Above
Integrated Easy Interview
Enter data easily with a Q&A format to simplify preparing taxes
Tax Research
Software, Google, and Bing Tax Research Integration
Software Conversions
We offer free data conversions for various tax softwares
Apple/MAC Compatible
As long as you have an Internet connection (Chrome recommended)
Automatic Return Backup
Full automatic secure online backup daily
Bank Product Integration
Offer loans, prepaid cards, and printed checks
Access Software Anywhere
Available anywhere, anytime with a web browser

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you offer better than retail pricing?

This question is listed first because it is the question we get asked the most. Because we have been in good standings with our partners for so long, we are able to get incredible bulk discounts. When you have great partnerships in this industry the saying "you scratch our back, and we will scratch yours" is in full effect. Instead of us trying to pocket these benefits, we try to pass as much off to our clients as possible.

Are you a Service Bureau?

Yes, we are a Tax Service Bureau which gives us a lot of benefits over traditional resellers. While most resellers will just sell you the tax software at a different price, we also provide additional services that no other reseller offers. We have a variety of different benefits including our incredible customer support, paperless client portal option, and amazing discounts off full retail prices.

How long has Sure-Fire been around?

We have been a very successful business since 2009. Our internal development team has over 20 years of software and web development experience alone. This allows us to offer additional products and services that are custom to our customers needs.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. While we do offer payment plans, it's always best to pay in full earlier in the year so we can lock you in at the best possible rate. We do have payment plans starting at only $100 down. Feel free to give us a call for more information so we can setup a plan that works best for you.