Our Company History

Sure-Fire Taxes has been actively serving customers since 2008. We have released new features and add-ons to our tax preparation software that keeps our services above our competition. Since we have in-house software and web developers this allows us to create incredible system options. We act as a service bureau which means we provide the tax software, technical support, and customer support for our clients instead of the software manufacturer directly. We are not the software manufacturer, we are your software provider. In business terms this called a software-as-a-service company or SaaS for short.

In relationship to you, our clients, we perform all of the same duties of a software manufacturer. Service bureaus are not new to the tax industry and were developed to provide an intimate level of support to the customers they serve. Sure-Fire understands your business needs having several years of experience supporting small business owners in tax and other related fields. We strive to make sure every client is treated with the best care. Our entire bottom line and business model is based on providing you a superior tax software solution and tax season support experience compared to our competitors. We out price most of our competition, however we believe that the customer support and tools we provide you is our greatest selling point.

About Our Team

We have programmers and information technology experts with both experience and skill. By paying special attention to our clients needs we continue to develop relevant tools for their tax practice. Our automatic tax return backup system was developed to circumvent any data loss issues that can put a damper on your tax season. The automatic tax return backup system will encrypt and send your data to our secure web-servers to keep a back up copy of your returns. In the event something catastrophic happens to your software/hardware. We can get all of your old returns restored on a new machine within the same day. In addition to that, we also continue to develop and update our customer support website to make sure that there is excellent communication between us, and our customers.

Our team ranges from business minded venture capitalists, information technology geeks, call center developers, web programmers, voice over IP experts, accountants, and customer relationship management experts. Setting up a new tax office or managing a large existing tax office requires an engaged experienced, and creative staff of professionals. We will share and leverage our experience to help build your business.

Company Goals

As our company continues to grow our goals will stay the same. We will always provide the same tax preparation software and continue to provide additional tax services to our customers. Our goal is to make our customers grow their business substaintually. We want all of our customers to be proud of their business growth.